Our clients are considered to be some of the most innovative and technologically advanced companies in the world, whether they be fresh start ups or established multinationals, technology is at their core. No matter what your specific interests, we probably work with a firm that will offer you the technical challenge you strive for and the long term rewards you deserve.

Start Ups

The pace of innovation and growth in the technology sector at the moment is unrivalled. Campbell North work with tech entrepreneurs from building their core pre-launch teams to helping them attract the very best talent to enable them to accelerate through funding rounds.

A global outlook

In todays globalised world we are not constrained by geography in our search for the very best talent and most innovative/exciting and disruptive start-ups.

No boxes

We have consultants with detailed knowledge of specific markets from finance to e-commerce but appreciate that it is how you utilise your core skill set to approach a problem that can be more important than a specific industry skill set.

Building businesses

We like to partner with firms from as early as possible, often woking with people to formulate launch teams. We have then grown with them to reach their goals, whether that be an IPO and beyond or continuing to grow and build new products.

Start ups


Digital is at the centre of everyday life, both for individuals and for business. Put simply, Digital is about driving technological advancement and bringing innovation to almost anything you can think of. We work across the Digital spectrum, providing exceptional talent to Enterprise and Start-ups, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and embed real Digital change.

Building the core platforms and systems on which business relies, we cover the full stack from Front to Back-End

Java/C++/C#/Python/PHP/Ruby developers, depending on the needs and preferences of our clients, ultimately though you engineer the platform from which the company will grow.

Providing Digital experts to implement Digital Transformation at a strategic level.

Senior consultants with deep Subject Matter Expertise who can disrupt, innovate and transform. The people who embed Digital as a business philosophy, not just another technology implementation. Capability to supply up to CxO/board level.

The guys who make your Digital products amazing.

Whether it’s a Product Director setting over-arching strategy, a Product Owner driving the delivery of a mobile app or a UX/UI consultant making sure it all works seamlessly and looks beautiful, we understand the product is what your customers see, use and experience.


Trading Technology

If data is the fuel then technology is the engine driving quantitative trading. From cutting edge data analytics, simulation and trading platforms to real-time global feeds scraping petabytes of data from the market. All trading decisions are predetermined and fully automated from tick-to-trade with 100% reliance on elegantly crafted high performance systems

Do you love solving problems using code? Perfect your skills working closely with experts in their field on a steep learning curve.

At the core of these firms are keen and highly skilled software engineers; those who love writing code and have put away the hours mastering their craft. Working at the heart of the technology infrastructure you will get to write code that will be deployed and have an immediate impact on the business. Regardless of your experience level you will make a difference from the outset and you will be treated as an intellectual equal.

Experienced programmers and experts in their field are always in demand to work on critical projects.

High profile projects require expertise and a track record in delivering automated trading technology with a high level of commercialism. Ideal for those with advanced knowledge and experience designing trading systems using major programming languages such as C++, Java or Python and the Linux operating system. Projects may range from building an entire trading platform for a start-up to rewriting order books, exchange connectivity or migrating to new scalable architecture.

Where technology meets research, here programmers with solid mathematics can build the tools need in quantitative research.

Often working very closely to quant traders and researchers in what is commonly called quantitative development designing and building research and trading tools. Projects can cover delivering simulation platforms, data analysis applications, machine learning tools, algorithm design and any other product that can help facilitate signal generation and strategy formation from raw data.

Trading Technology

Big Data Tech

Big Data brings together the disciplines of advanced software engineering and data driven statistical research to model rich data sets, thus improving the way the world uses and views data.

Collection, processing and management of business critical data

The analysis of data is integral for firms to maintain a competitive edge, no matter what the industry. We work with a range of clients that have data at their core in industries including disaster recovery, recommendation engines, fin tech and entertainment. It is a business centric role requiring excellent coding combined with a strong understanding of statistics, data analysis/modelling and increasingly machine learning....a rare and valuable skill set.

Knowledge of specialist tools designed around Big Data

As the need to sift and sort through these huge data sets has grown new languages and platforms have been developed to expedite the analysis and extraction of actionable insight. It is possible to develop proprietary tools in traditional OO languages but increasingly firms are looking to hire people with experience using specialist tools such Hadoop/Mapreduce, PIG, Cassandra and NOSQL.

Big Data Tech

Meet our Technology consultants

All consultants have a focus on speaking to the most talented developers and interesting companies with individuals developing expertise in core markets

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Director - Technology
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Consultant - Core Technology
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Head of Operations & HR

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Systematic Trading Technology - Principal Consultant

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Consultant - Core Technology
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