Big Data

Our Big Data and Analytics's practice works with Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers in industries ranging from finance and fashion to insurance and travel.

Data Science

Data is big and only getting bigger, 90% of all the world's data was generated in the last two years and more is created every two days than we had before 2003. Complex data analytics have been used within finance for many years and these techniques, along with a constantly evolving eco-system or tools, are now widely used by firms ranging from advertising and marketing to healthcare providers and entertainment apps.

Gaining actionable insight

Data Science is the set of skills and techniques necessary to daw insights from these vast quantities of data whether it be within healthcare, finance or e-commerce. We work with Data scientists who combine software engineering, statistics, machine learning, data visualization with business understanding (a rare and sought after mix) to extract actionable insight, that has a direct impact on a firms performance.

Providing analytical horsepower

Working with data scientists to assist with the process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making. There are a variety of specific data analysis methods that are commonly used including data mining, text analytics, business intelligence and data visualization.

Extracting meaningful data

You can't produce analysis or actionable insight without having workable data. Data Engineers are an integral part of this rapidly expanding world as they collect, process, and cleanse noisy, disparate data. For more detail see the Big Data section within our Technology market.

Data Science

Big Data Tech

Big Data brings together the disciplines of advanced software engineering and data driven statistical research to model rich data sets, thus improving the way the world uses and views data.

Collection, processing and management of business critical data

The analysis of data is integral for firms to maintain a competitive edge, no matter what the industry. We work with a range of clients that have data at their core in industries including disaster recovery, recommendation engines, fin tech and entertainment. It is a business centric role requiring excellent coding combined with a strong understanding of statistics, data analysis/modelling and increasingly machine learning....a rare and valuable skill set.

Knowledge of specialist tools designed around Big Data

As the need to sift and sort through these huge data sets has grown new languages and platforms have been developed to expedite the analysis and extraction of actionable insight. It is possible to develop proprietary tools in traditional OO languages but increasingly firms are looking to hire people with experience using specialist tools such Hadoop/Mapreduce, PIG, Cassandra and NOSQL.

Big Data Tech

Meet the Data team

Working closely with both our technology and quant trading teams whilst having an indepth understanding of core skills relating to working with Big Data

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