Software Engineer - Python/Erlang - rapidly expanding Fintech start-up


You work for one of the largest betting exchanges in the world, whom have handled over £1bn in bets since their establishment in 2010.  They have seen their revenues doubling in the last six months, which can be attributed to one of their key competitive advantages, they own the technology. By developing platforms modelled off financial trading principles and allowing customers to apply their own statistical arbitrage strategies to the online sports market, they are seamlessly absorbing excess liquidity in a market where people love to participate.  In doing so, they are successfully pushing the boundaries of real-time fintech as we know it today.


You work in a knowledge-driven collaborative environment, bashing out robust and high-performance code that capable of scaling to thousands of executions per second with sub-millisecond latency.  You’re totally comfortable with the firms tech stack that has been built around Vagrant, Flask, Eventlet, Postgres, RabbitMW, Git and Chef – and you have the opportunity to recommend change should you feel it’s needed. 

You define your own role in the firm, self-managing your responsibilities and pushing your expertise beyond their known limits. You mould the corporate culture by constantly challenging your colleagues to do things more innovatively, all the while learning from one another.

And you do all of this while having a really good time. Why? Because here, you can.


First and foremost, you’re a passionate coder with a solid understanding of complex algorithms and data structures, and of course a CS degree. You understand the ins and outs of relational databases and are comfortable in a Linux environment. You’re an agnostic coder, either with knowledge of Python and Erlang, or eager to learn them, which you will predominantly use to develop the platform.

You enthusiastically approach new problems with a self-directed learning approach, intrinsically motivating yourself to develop the needed knowledge though effective exploration & collaboration.   


You work in central London, have unlimited holiday, and enjoy deliciously prepared free meals all day long. You frequent Friday office parties with your colleagues whom are Europe’s smartest software engineers, and work alongside them on a day-to-day basis simply by wheeling your sit-stand desk over to them.


So, you like to have fun in an environment that is stimulated by probability and sports, and you think you may even love the betting game? If you’ve got what it takes, why not improve your odds: Email CVs to

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