HPC developer needed to work on cutting edge systems managing huge data and responding in micro-seconds

My client is a leading HFT/Quant trading firm that has been leading the frontier of Big Data in the world of finance almost a decade before it became the buzzword on everyone’s lips.  Today, they continue to be a technology leader and experience unparalleled growth in the world of finance. 

My client is seeking a leading software developer to join their dynamic and fast-paced high frequency team.  The incumbent will be an expert of numerical algorithms, statistical models, grid computing, and other advanced technological methods, and be responsible for building the leading-edge tools and engines to make sound strategic investment decisions.

This firm has the ethos, working environment and lifestyle that mirrors the booming tech sector. People work here because they want to be challenged and continue to learn alongside inspiring peers who thrive off using technology to solve problems.

The ideal candidate shall possess:

  • A B.Sc in computer science, applied mathematics, or another technical discipline from a top university.
  • Experience with scientific computing, algorithm development, or pattern recognition.
  • Experience developing high-performance, multi-threaded applications using several programming languages including Java and C++.
  • Experience working with/building large-scale, real-time, and distributed applications

You will be working alongside some of the world’s most talented individuals. The challenges are great and ever evolving, demanding creativity, innovation and a drive to solve complex and abstract problems. Flexibility is available regarding location.

For further details please do not hesitate to contact : jenniferk@campbell-north.com

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