Business facing technologist required for rapidly expanding tech firms - $100m++ funding and equity available

They are internationally recognized for utilizing technologies to solve large scale data problems in real time and being one of the most innovative companies in the market.

They are looking for skilled developers who are not restricted by what is, but only look to what can be. Responsibilities may include end-to-end project-management, client interaction, identifying vague and disparate data sources and analysing how these might be interpreted, turning client’s big data problems into actionable insights and solving complex real-world problems around the globe!

This is an opportunity to work in an intellectually curious and collaborative environment with like-minded people who are excited to learn new technologies and solve problems.

For this role you will need:

  • BA/BS or MA/MS from a top university
  • Technical know-how including familiarity with popular languages, e.g. Java, Python, or otherwise
  • Excellent problem solving ability (both algorithmic and brain teasers) alongside a love of unravelling complex problems and identifying vague requirements
  • Strong understanding of the principles of OO programming, data modelling and algorithm development
  • Ability to turn complex technical topics into concise and clear explanations for nontechnical personnel.

It would be a bonus if you have experience in the following:

  • Experience working across a full stack
  • Experience mentoring colleagues

You will be working alongside some of the world’s most talented individuals. The challenges are great and ever evolving, demanding creativity, innovation and a drive to solve complex and abstract problems. Flexibility is available regarding location.

For further details please do not hesitate to contact

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