Expecting a low banking bonus? Wanting to hit your full earning potential on the buy side?

My clients are a group of world beating hedge funds and quantitative trading companies based in London, New York, Chicago, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong; they focus on developing innovative, automated, trading strategies with best in class infrastructure (creative work rather than pure scalping strategies); intensely mathematical stat arb plays that would confuse Stephen Hawking; or occasionally deploying some quant firepower to exploit new global macro trends before the old boys know whats happened.

For anyone with existing strategies and a PNL history (NOT just backtests) there are multiple trading opportunities in worldwide locations, with % of PNL deals that vary from 10%-65% depending on the company and requirements.

Most of the immediate hiring is at a 'research level', STEM Phd's who either have a few years experience within a relevant team in a bank or have been lost in Google/Facebook or a research lab in the desert and need a new challenge. The work environments and more shorts than suits and the financial an intellectual rewards for someone who can progress to divising their own strategies will be immense. If you have prior experience working within a trading team but have not seen the retruns your efforts warrant then this is the move you need to make.

For more information on specific firms and opportunities please do not hesitate to get in touch my direct e-mail is paul@campbell-north.com


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