Experienced equities stat arb trader -world class infrastructure in place, up to 50% payout

Major US proprietary trading firm is expanding in Europe, opportunity exists for an experienced equities statistical arbitrage trader to build new trading unit for Europe. This hire will be a key part in the development of the company and there are huge rewards on offer for the right person.

The company re-invests a large % of profits in trading tools and infrastructure, and insists on being the best in class on any exchange they trade on. The company is a member of all relevant major exchanges, and is ahead of the game in their use of technology and provides first class back office support so you can concentrate on your trades. 

You will only be reporting into your direct superior in London rather than having a complex chain of command, and there will be no internally competing trading groups for the foreseeable future. There are significant shared services that can be utilised by any trading group in the company, such as quantitative researchers, backtesting facilities, exchange connectivity teams, trade assistants, etc

There are favourable arrangements on offer for any trader with a good track record and payouts of up to 50% of net PnL. IP protection can be written into contracts and no groups will have their trading profits/losses set off against each other.

The ideal candidate will have been trading equities stat arb successfully in a major bank, hedge fund or at another proprietary trading company.

You should have a Sharpe >3 over a reasonable time period in live trading, and have experience of developing your own strategies from start to finish rather than replicating other peoples. Competence in at least one major programming language is a necessity (C++/Java).

The type of people who will be right for this position will generally not be actively looking for a new role, if you want to have a confidential conversation please e-mail will@campbellnorth.co.uk 

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