A positive outlook for London tech jobs in 2015

30 December 2014

What’s coming up in 2015?


Christmas is past and 2014 is drawing to a close: what a great year it’s been for Europe’s world of technology innovation!  Startups are disrupting traditional processes in hundreds of industries, using advanced technology and incredibly creative new ideas to revolutionise old methods, save people money and spreading the world’s knowledge, whilst the world of quantitative and systematic trading has had a great year too.  Here’s a small summary of what’s been going on!


The startup world of high tech and big data disruption

Europe’s tech hub is booming with new incubators springing up in all areas, including Soho gaining a place on the map that has been dominated by Silicon Roundabout/Shoreditch.  The Garage launched at the beginning of December, offering space and funding to a maximum of 6 early stage startups and becoming home to London’s Crowdcube: keep an eye out!

A massive trend within the startup scene is “big data” and large-scale data analytics, using machine learning, data analytics and recommendations algorithms to solve real world problems like the spread of disease and terrorism, shape the world of fashion or make your banking experience more pleasant and pain free.

London has been busy carving out its place on the world map  and exciting start-ups continue to emerge on a weekly basis, offering developers the opportunity to help grow firms that can increasingly have a global impact, like Mind Candy and Deepmind have shown is very much possible. This combined with Silicon Valley companies arriving every week to take advantage of the wealth of talent working within London or the wider EU, means that there are some incredible opportunities – the problem is discerning which is the right move for you and making sure you are not missing out on the ‘next big thing’

Salaries and share options remain competitive, with options for those needing to pay mortgages or those more interested in growing the value of your equity stake.

The real-time, high frequency and algorithmic trading space

In the algo trading space, trends are changing too.  UK based systematic funds have had a great year and will continue to expand in the New Year. More top performing funds from the US are starting to move over, opening brand new offices in London during Q1 and Q2 of 2015, and are on the lookout for talented software engineers to build brand new platforms and trading strategies. 

Real-time algorithmic trading continues to offer some of the most complex problems that a computer scientist can get involved in, working on advanced platforms with a focus on cutting edge technology and open source tools, whilst working in relaxed research-driven environments that continue to attract people from Silicon Valley who continue to drive innovation. 

With technology being a key component for these firms developers continue to receive top of the market salaries/bonuses so rewards are high but so is competition to secure these roles.

Want to hear more?

Want to find out more about what’s coming up in 2015?  Interested in any of the types of companies mentioned above?  Get in touch with me now on ellag@campbell-north.com!  Lots of companies are talking budgets and hiring for the New Year, so if you’re thinking of exploring your options, there’s really no better time!

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