Tech careers in Big Data

28 January 2014

Big Data brings together the disciplines of advanced software engineering and data driven statistical research to model rich data sets, thus improving the way the world uses and views data.

Companies that operate in this space are melting pots of talent including Computer Scientists, Mathematicians and Engineers from the world’s leading academic institutions all working collaboratively in intellectually stimulating environments….

 …hackers and problem solvers from global contests such as the National and International Olympiads, ACM and Top Coder have found exhilarating careers in the space among an inspiring peer group.

This is a disruptive industry that is growing at an exponential rate and London is quickly becoming a world renowned technology hub.

Working within “Big Data” offers the chance to work in concentrated pools of talent, where leading firms keep their headcount low and the ratio of raw talent higher than any other industry. By keeping employees stimulated and razor sharp by constantly learning and being challenged by an ever evolving technical landscape, smart juniors develop into high calibre experts in their field.

Typically within this industry you will get the chance to work with open source technologies, companies love you to be actively publishing code on GitHub, BitBucket etc. and also programme with both OO and Functional Languages.

At Campbell North we have a number of High Tech Digital & Big Data Companies that are continuously hiring and are looking for experts in their field.

If you feel you hold the key values of intellectual curiosity with a genuine passion for technology and problem solving, please get in touch and you will be given a thorough overview of this space and what career paths there are for you. or 

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