Overview for techies looking to work in quant trading

10 March 2016

Campbell North work with a number of world leading Quantitative Funds that all require the brightest Mathematicians and Computer Scientists 

Working for a Quantitative Fund

A snapshot of work undertaken at some of our these organisations includes but is not limited to: high speed simulation and calculation, real-time event processing, high throughput systems, fault tolerance, large scale data processing, storage and analysis, grid computing and performance tuning of complex systems.

What’s it like working for a Hedge Fund

In order to compete with leading software houses my clients have created a working atmosphere akin to what you would expect to find in the Silicon Valley. Culture wise they are a lot more relaxed than you would think with break out/games rooms, casual clothing and flexible working hours.

All our clients place a huge emphasis on having the best technology available in order to manage teh vast amounts of data they work with and develop/test and execute their trading strategies as effectively as possible.

There is a distinct lack of red tape and they put faith in their technologists to work with a huge degree of autonomy to find the best solutions to real time problems.

It is a hugely challenging environment where the results or your labour are seen, sometimes in teh blink of an eye, and compensation for technologists is the best on the planet.

If you love solving incredibly tough problem using clean/efficient code and probably have a bit of a competitve streak and hunger for success ten please contact us to have a confidential chat. mattw@campbellnorth.co.uk

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