What We Do

We are a specialist firm head-hunting firm introducing passionate technologists, data scientists and quant trading personnel to firms ranging from innovative technical start-ups and silicon valley behemoths to specialist quantitative trading firms. The common denominator for all of our clients is the need to attract and retain the very best talent in order to drive their businesses forward.

How We Work

We Focus on the Talent

We are specialists. We live and breathe our markets, matching top tier technologists, data scientists and trading personnel to a growing number of opportunities across multiple markets.
We understand what makes our people tick. We speak their language, understand their motivations and interests and have developed our sourcing and matching process accordingly.
We build relationships early. We identify top talent early in their career journeys and build trusted relationships meaning we have access to people others struggle to reach.

We Work in Partnership

We spend time upfront understanding your needs and culture. We make sure the candidate is not only a short term fit but can also flex and grow with your business.
We help you clarify your positioning in a competitive market. Our top tier talent have a lot of choices, we work with organizations to ensure they have a clear employee value proposition in a crowded market.
We expand your thinking. We help both our clients and candidates think beyond the obvious and make connections across markets.

We Cut the BS

We respect both your time, and our own. We spend time understanding your needs, values, long term plans and situation up front so we can represent you effectively.
We tell it how it is. If something isn’t working or feels off we’ll let you know and work together to get ahead of issues.
We focus on quality not quantity. We don’t create noise and we only represent candidates we think will get to final stages of an interview process.

Who We Are

All of our consultants work together but understand the specific recruitment nuances of their markets and the people who work and thrive within them, enabling us to filter applicants more effectively and save clients and job seekers time and effort alike

Will North

Director - Quant Trading and Data Analytics
020 3006 3622

Harry Campbell

Director - Technology
020 3006 3621

Matt Watson

Managing Consultant - Core Engineering
020 3006 3623

Paul Carr

Managing Consultant - Quant Trading
020 3006 3626

Michaela Baxter

Consultant - Core Engineering
020 3006 3635

Jae Bellot

Consultant - Core Engineering - North America
US +1 347 467 0949

Karl Hamilton

Senior Consultant - Infrastructure
020 3006 3630

Dave Harbour

Senior Consultant - Web & Mobile
020 3006 3629

Ladi Branco-Rhodes

Senior Consultant
020 3006 3637

Abby Pounder

Consultant - Quant Trading
020 3006 3642

Hannah Mansour

Consultant - Data Science and Analytics
020 3828 6190

Ross Berriman

Consultant - Data Science
020 3006 3627

Nikke Curley

Consultant - Core Engineering - North America
+1 646 357 3994

Josh Wainscott

Consultant - Core Engineering
020 3006 3625

Work for us

Campbell North was set up as an alternative to the larger, generic and less relationship based recruitment firms that dominated the market. We have enjoyed great success over the years and are looking to expand both our technology, quant trading and data science teams - both in Europe, Asia and the US.

We are determined to continue to grow the business with people who can provide the highest calibre of service to our candidates and clients. Previous recruitment experience is advantageous but we offer full training for both graduate and transition hires.

Here at CN we have a loyal and established client base and first class infrastructure/support that enables you to focus on the core business of delivery and reap the rewards you deserve.

We provide a relaxed, mature and meritocratic environment that is free of bureaucracy and pointless KPI’s. We offer above average compensation, quarterly and annual incentive schemes/trips, opportunities to study, access to conferences and multiple additional benefits designed to improve your work/life balance.

How to apply

If you are looking for a new challenge and this sounds interesting then please call either Will or Harry on 020 3006 3620 for a confidential chat or send a mail to either will or harry @campbell-north.com 

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